Shift Happens Book Companion

Unpacking guide

These instructions are here to help you unpack Shift Happens with the least possibility of damage.

At any moment, please pay attention to pre-existing shipping damage. If there are any big dents or tears in the boxes or the book itself, please take photos and send them to me!

Opening the box

Unpacking the book

And, that’s it! Enjoy the book!

Breaking in the book

For volumes 1–2, the cover is designed to float separately from the body of the book, and the book’s pages are sewn together in groups of 32, then sewn together as a whole, and then glued inside the spine. You should be able to open the book as wide as you want without damaging or cracking the (orange) spine, as it will not bend with the book.

If you “crack” the book open to lie it extra flat, the pages will not separate, but you may see (with a flashlight!) some cracking in the space between the cover’s spine and the edge of the pages. This won’t affect the book’s longevity.