Shift Happens store details

How do I update my address?

Find an email titled “Shift Happens: A book about keyboards Order Confirmation” in your mailbox. Click on a link inside.

If you are on a laptop, please click Edit My Order to change your address or make changes to your order (add more items or remove post-Kickstarter additions).

If you are on a mobile phone, tap on Edit Address. Please note that it is harder to edit your order on a mobile browser than on a laptop or desktop browser.

If you don’t see that option it means your address is locked and the book is close to shipping. It may still be possible to change your address, so please email me immediately. If the book is already being dispatched, I can't change it, but you may be able to contact the shipper.

How are you shipping the book/booklet?

We are using different methods depending on the destination:

Every book shipment will receive a tracking number, so you can know when your items will arrive.

What do I do if my country is not included?

Our usual international carrier doesn’t presently ship to Israel, Palestine, Russia, and Ukraine. If you want your order shipped to one of these countries, you can consider a forwarding service (we ship to the U.S., they take care of the rest). Please contact me if you are in this situation, regardless.

Will I have to pay extra sales tax in the United States to receive my book?

If you are in a relevant state (Illinois, Maine, Massachussetts, Michigan), the tax was already added to your order. For other states, sales tax won’t be necessary.

Will I have to pay customs or VAT/GST/taxes to receive my book?

International customs is very complicated and we couldn’t find a way to streamline it, calculating what you might owe and collecting it ahead of time. As a result, one of the following will happen if you’re receiving a book shipped outside the United States:

Where can I put my CPF code or any other extra shipping details?

In some countries (like Brazil), it’s helpful to include some “metadata” for shipping to go smoother – for example a tax code.

Please attempt to include this in your shipping (there is no separate field, but you could include it as part of the address), or email me. Thank you!

If I miss out on the book this time around, is it gone forever?

Yes. There are no plans for a second printing.

The day Return became Enter booklet is already sold out. I am investigating print-on-demand options for the booklet, but there are no solidified plans for that yet.

What is your cancellation policy?

Orders are final when placed. I may be able to cancel an order – minus 5% (due to nonrefundable credit-card fees) – if you contact me quickly before your order ships. Once in the shipping queue, your order cannot be canceled.

After we alert you that your book is shipping, no cancellation is available (we cannot physically stop the book from moving), except as described below in the refund policy.

What is your refund policy? What if my book arrived damaged?

Please note that I generally recommend following the unpacking guide to minimize the likelihood of damaging the book while unpacking it!

My book never arrived:

Each delivery will have a tracking number, which you can use to watch its progress. If your book shows it was received by the shipper, but it never arrives, please start by contacting the shipper. They may be able to do a search for a missing package or simply deliver it to you at that point.

If your book never shows up as received for shipping or you cannot get the shipper to respond, please contact me so I can figure out next steps, which may include sending you a replacement.

My book package arrived damaged:

If you receive a package with exterior damage, please take photos and retain the packaging after opening until we’re in touch. (Because of the protection we used for shipping, you may find that the book is undamaged even when the exterior boxes appear beat up.) Please send photos to me of the exterior box and any damage to the slipcase or books, as I may be able to pursue an insurance claim with the shipper.

I will replace damaged shipments at my expense. If only one portion of your book (like a single volume or a slipcase) is damaged, I may ship you a replacement for just that part. Replacement items may take a few weeks to ship due to our shipping schedule.

My book package arrived undamaged, but there is something wrong with the quality of printing or assembly:

If you find a manufacturing or printing problem (such as misprint, gluing, creases, etc.), please send photos to me so we can arrange next steps.

If the problem is unique to your copy, I will replace the item at my expense. If only one portion of your book is damaged, like a single volume or a slipcase, I may ship you a replacement for just that part. Due to the heavy initial shipping schedule, there might be some delay in shipping a replacement.

Note that each slipcase is made by human hands and there may be slight imperfections – this is pretty normal for high-end slipcases.

I don’t like the writing, the photos, or the design:

I’m sorry you do not! However, these reasons are not eligible for a refund. But perhaps you might find someone with an interest in keyboards who might enjoy it?

What if my book gets returned or if I didn’t send the updated address on time?

If the post office or an international shipper returns your package and it’s their fault or our fault, we’ll ship back to you at our expense. However, if you provided an incorrect address, didn’t update the address on time, or were unable to work with a shipper to pick up a package, we may need to pass along our costs, which can include the full cost of shipping back to us, a processing fee by our fulfillment partner, and the cost of shipping a single item back to you. I’ll get in touch if that situation emerges.

What if my package was stolen after it was delivered?

At the moment, I want to see if theft is a widespread problem, and subsequently to create a fair policy that reflects that it’s not (usually) someone’s fault the package was stolen, but balanced against my responsibility in ensuring you get a book. I haven’t sorted that out yet as we only started shipping, and it might involve asking to pay some or all of the replacement cost.

If you believe your copy of the book was stolen, please report this to the shipping partner (USPS or FedEx) and to your local police department, which should let you report a low-dollar property theft online. Sometimes stolen items are recovered and returned, and it helps if they know what was stolen if the address information is removed. Please contact me in this situation either way, as we might have some advice.

I still have a question!

The best way is to email me – thanks!